Cosmo's Corner - Come Join Us For Some Fun
Big Or Small We Train Them All
        All Positive Methods Used
   By Our Certified Professional,
  Nicole Sincavage

 Private Lessons 
  One 1/2 hour session on premise $39

Day Training
Leave your dog for daycare and our trainer will take your dog out of daycare several times a day depending on the dogs attention span, to work on basic obedience or specific problems.   $20 in addition to daycare.

No Time To Train Your Dog?
  Enroll in our Doggie Boot Camp $675
  3 weeks Monday - Friday (15 days)
  Drop off by 10am & Pick up by 6pm
Board with us & let us train your dog
$1159.00 for 3 weeks (19 days)
Can't bring your dog everyday, we can work out other schedules. Please contact us.