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Day School will be offered Monday through Saturday.  Reservations are required, please make reservations through the customer portal.


Day School is $44 per day


Day School

   Group play isn't for every dog. Some dogs need help with their social skills, get overwhelmed with groups or just prefer a more one-on-one experience. These pups deserve a fun-filled day while their owners are at work too!

   Your dog will enjoy a structured, full-filled day with one of our handlers. Each dog will get a personalized one-on-one experience.


Activities can include:

  • Dog Pacer Treadmill
  • Indoor or Outdoor Playtime (one-on-one or small group)
  • Impulse Control
  • Fun Agility Drills (Jumps, Ramps, Weave Poles, Tunnel)
  • Fit Paws Equipment (Improve Concentration and Builds Confidence)
  •  Improve Obedience Skills
  • Lots of Love & Attention!
  • Lure Coursing
  • Ball Pit
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