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We offer grooming exclusively for dogs that are boarding with us or at daycare for the day! We offer everything to fit your grooming needs besides haircuts. Our groomer is able to make sure your pup gets pampered before getting picked up from their stay!



Premium Bath - $35 (Large Dog - $40) 

(includes bath, nails, ears, and deshed)

Bath - $20 (Large Dog - $25)

Blow Out - $30

Nail Trim - $10 (with Dremel - $15)

Teeth Brushing - $10

Anal Gland Expression - $10

Ear Cleaning - $5

Hot Oil Treatment - $12 (only available as an add-on to a bath)

20 Minute Massage - $22 (only available as an add-on to a bath)

Raindrop Technique - $40 

(includes use of special essential oils and a rinse off)


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